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Specific analysis of various applications of access control system equipment

In view of the numerous selection of channel gate products, the key to the selection of channel control products by the user is whether the selected channel products can meet the requirements of the user in appearance and function, and finally can truly achieve the purpose of safety management. At present, most of the access gate users use the combination of manual management and equipment management to effectively manage the managed area.

The access control access gate system adopts standard electrical interface externally, which can easily integrate bar code card, ID card, IC card and other reading and writing equipment into the access gate equipment, so as to provide orderly and civilized access for people in and out, and prevent illegal people from entering and leaving. With the rapid development of Internet software and hardware technology, industrial and scientific research occasions require that the wing gate swing gate ban system can not only record the accurate number of people left in a place in real time, but also inform the number of people on the site of the wing gate swing gate ban system through Ethernet. This work completes a counting device based on embedded network technology.

At present, the channel gate equipment includes traditional wing gate, swing gate and three roller gate. With the development of technology, barrier free access gate and arm gate have gradually appeared. The access gate equipment with different appearance will bring different experiences to different use occasions (such as high-end office buildings, airports, government departments, factories, BRT, subway, high-speed railway, etc.).

Wing gate is often used in government units because of its beautiful and generous appearance and its solemn feeling. Swing gate can be divided into two types, one is ordinary swing gate (i.e. front and rear swing gate), and the other is lower swing gate.

Compared with the wide sense of the wing gate, the swing gate is simple and generous. Ordinary swing gate can be used as both double swing and single speed gate independently. It has three working modes - single swing mode, double swing host mode and double swing slave mode. It is suitable for high-end office buildings or government departments. The lower swing gate is commonly used in high-end office buildings, government departments or airports.

The three roller gate adopts the way of rotating gate rod, which is commonly used in pedestrian passage and automatic fare collection management, such as government organs, factories and enterprises, intelligent buildings, residential communities, scenic spots and venues, colleges and universities, kindergartens, stations, leisure and entertainment places, etc.

The barrier free access gate is not equipped with a gate rod, and the passing personnel are detected by infrared induction, so as to achieve the purpose of barrier free card swiping or direct statistics of human flow. The passage gate equipment can ensure 35 people to pass within 1 minute, which is suitable for occasions requiring high traffic efficiency and overall aesthetics.

The arm gate is simple and beautiful. It adopts a flexible length arm, which can be applied to standard channel and wide channel occasions. It also has an ultra-thin body and saves installation space. It can be widely used in high-end commercial places, exhibition centers, noble communities, classic ticket checking entrances and exits, public transportation and other industries.