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The wing gate of the passage ensures the safety of the cafeteria

The model of ordinary restaurants gradually can not meet picky consumers. In this environment, experiential marketing in the catering industry came into being to establish a high standard of consumer experience for cafeteria. The wing gate cooperates with the buffet beverage fare collection system in the channel. At this time, the wing gate can be used at the ticket gate of the cafeteria.

The channel of the wing gate is combined with the intelligent catering ticket checking system, which not only has the noble and atmospheric identification ticket checking function, but also can prevent the phenomenon of ticket evasion. One person one vote is not afraid of running orders. Sometimes there are too many diners, and the store cannot calculate the number of people in the store. The number of passenger flow in the store can be controlled by using the wing gate. The quality of batch consumption is guaranteed. Even if it is crowded, it can maintain the on-site order and control the flow of people.

According to the flow of people in each personnel passage, a corresponding number of wing gates shall be equipped. Each wing gate channel is equipped with two card readers, which are responsible for personnel in and out card swiping verification; One channel is equipped with a fixed gun camera as a close-up camera, which is responsible for capturing the upper body image of the card reader for comparison with the photos in the database during card printing; The whole personnel channel is equipped with an integrated spherical camera as a panoramic camera to monitor the whole personnel channel in real time. Operators can watch special scenes through rotation, zoom and other operations.