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Importance of access gate

As a security system, access control, monitoring and alarm are the three most important components. From the perspective of popularity, the monitoring and alarm system has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and can be seen everywhere. However, the monitoring and alarm system is a passive security system -- that is, Zhuge Liang makes up for the lost after the event; The access control system is an active defense to shut out all unsafe factors, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of security. Cooperating with the monitoring and alarm system has become a perfect security iron triangle.

Due to the increasing role of access control management system in security, its market demand is also increasing gradually. We believe that in the development of the access control channel gate system in the next few years, more intelligent identification technology, alarm technology and quick operation will be applied to the access control system. Access control gateway suppliers will carry out more and more diversified innovative cooperation with major security engineers, software developers and even security companies and properties. Stimulated by the different application needs put forward by these different partners, the access control gateway system will also become a more intelligent new life.