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The good operation of three roller brake is inseparable from maintenance

Three roller gate, also known as three bar gate and three bar gate, is one of the intelligent pedestrian channel management equipment, which is mainly applicable to all kinds of public places where pedestrians need to pass orderly. The non angular design of the three roller brake can not only prevent personal injury in accidental collision, but also ensure the traffic safety of pedestrians. The three roller brake adopts all stainless steel shell, and all internal components of the chassis are treated with anti-corrosion treatment, which is durable. The good operation of the three roller brake is inseparable from maintenance. So, how to correctly carry out the maintenance of the three roller brake?

1、 External maintenance: since most of the three roller brakes are made of stainless steel, the surface is easy to rust and produce spots. The surface needs to be cleaned once a week. The surface of the chassis can be polished with soft cloth and fossil powder and coated with antirust oil. The newly coated antirust oil should not be wiped by hand, otherwise the antirust effect of the surface will be damaged. It can be touched by hand after natural drying for 3 to 5 hours.

2、 Circuit maintenance: according to the user's previous use of the three roller brake, especially the maintenance and repair of the electric control part, check whether the wire is aging and whether the power supply is exposed, which should be replaced in time. Refer to the manual and carefully check the parameters of each component. If problems are found, be sure to find professionals to assist in replacing individual electronic components.

3、 Movement maintenance: open the upper cover, cut off the power supply and clean the dust of the power supply. In order to reduce the resistance of the solenoid valve when moving left and right, add butter or engine oil to the rotating part of the cleaned machine for movement maintenance, because the movement is the heart of the machine and is maintained at least once a month. Check whether the machine fasteners are loose, tighten all fasteners, and check the wear of vulnerable parts.