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Key points for installation of fully automatic barrier free passage on three roller gate ramp

The use of three roller gate can be combined with barrier free channel to become a new fast barrier free channel, showing humanization and the care of the enterprise. Open an unimpeded blue sky for the disabled. Be meticulous, melt people's hearts, start from details, and bring more opportunities to your enterprise. Now let's learn how to install a fully automatic barrier free channel on the ramp and lifting platform combined with the three roller gate. And how to install obvious barrier free passage signs in the passage gate.

1、 Ramps and lifting platforms

1) When there are height differences and steps on the ground of the entrance, indoor walkway and outdoor pedestrian passage of the building, ramps conforming to the passage of wheelchairs must be set, and handrails shall be set on both sides of the ramps and more than two steps.

2) The ramp for wheelchair access shall be designed as a straight line instead of arc and spiral. According to the height difference of the ground, the ramp can be divided into single run, double run and multi run ramps.

3) The depth of double running and multi running ramp rest platform shall not be less than 1.50M. A wheelchair buffer zone with a depth of not less than 1.50M shall be reserved at the beginning and end of the ramp.

4) The ramp width of building entrance shall not be less than 1.20m, the ramp width of indoor walkway shall not be less than 1.00m, and the ramp width of outdoor access shall not be less than 1.50M.

5) The slope of building entrance and indoor ramp shall not be greater than 1 / 12, and the slope of outdoor pedestrian access ramp shall not be greater than 1 / 16.

6) The limit of ramp height, the maximum allowable value of the height of each section of ramp shall comply with the provisions of Table 1.1.

Limit of height and length of each section of ramp

Slope (H / L)


Allowable height (m)


Horizontal length (m)


7) When only railings are set on both sides of the ramp and the rest platform, a 50mm safety stop shall be built on the ground below the railings.

8) The surface course of the ramp for wheelchair access shall be flat, but shall not be smooth. It is also not allowed to add anti-skid strips on the slope and make a flat slope.

9) The automatic lifting platform covers a small area and is suitable for reconstruction and difficult sections. The net area of the lifting platform shall not be less than 1.50mx1.00m. The platform shall be provided with breast boards or railings, wheelchair inlet and outlet and start buttons.

2、 Barrier free sign

1. The barrier free wheelchair sign is an internationally recognized universal sign formulated by the International Rehabilitation Association. It guides the direction of the disabled and informs the accessible buildings and service facilities.

2. For buildings, service facilities and outdoor general principles that meet the standards of these detailed rules, wheelchair signs shall be installed at prominent positions.

3. Wheelchair signs provide the following information for persons with disabilities

1) Guide wheelchair users to the location of the building and the entrance of the building.

2) Guide wheelchair users to the outdoor access and the indoor direction of the building.

3) Inform the disabled of the available ramps, service desks, elevators, telephones, wheelchair seats, toilets, bathrooms, guest rooms, parking spaces and other service facilities.

4. The specification and size of wheelchair signboard shall be a square of 0.10m to 0.45M respectively according to different locations and positions. When the wheelchair pattern and edge are black, the substrate is white, and when the wheelchair pattern is white, the substrate is black.

5. When adding text description or direction indication on the wheelchair sign, its color shall form a clear contrast with the substrate. When the direction of guidance is left, the wheelchair surface should face to the left.

6. The position and height of wheelchair signs shall be moderate, the production shall be fine and the installation shall be firm.