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Pay attention to the selection of materials for wing brake

The whole product shape of the wing brake is stamped with domestic standard (No. 304) stainless steel plate, with beautiful and generous shape, rust prevention, durability and resistance to external force damage. The channel composed of rectangular chassis and wing brake rod can provide orderly and civilized access for access personnel, eliminate illegal access, and quickly control rod dropping or rod retraction in case of emergency.

The wing gate is easy to pinch people. In order to prevent injury, it is necessary to make the door leaf material flexible. The wing gate is commonly known as the fast passage. The opening and closing speed of the door leaf is very fast, and the contact area is small when people are clamped. After using flexible materials, even if people are clamped, the door leaf will shrink to ensure that customers will not be seriously injured.

In addition, the door leaf material shall ensure that it will not burn easily and will not leave obvious traces after being contacted by cigarette butts and other high-temperature objects.

Why doesn't the wing gate adopt the same safety protection design as the elevator door

The wing gate has the risk of personal injury. For safety reasons, many users think of the principle of elevator door safety protection design, which can not be used in the wing gate design.

The main function of the gate is to prevent people from entering illegally. Like the elevator door, if there is an external force to block the door when it is closed, the door leaf will open automatically, so customers can keep the door leaf for others to enter. Without the access control function, the gate is in vain.