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What is the significance of electronic ticketing system in scenic spots

The use of electronic ticket system in scenic spots has the following positive significance.

1. Put an end to favor tickets: according to the statistical survey data of the National Tourism Administration, the ticket checking link adopts manual mode, so the staff can easily put familiar tourists into the scenic spot and directly enter the scenic spot without buying tickets. If the ticket evasion rate is 10%, about 200000 people evade tickets every year. If each ticket is 100 yuan, the amount of ticket evasion will reach 20 million yuan, resulting in huge economic losses;

2. Prevent fake tickets: there have been fake tickets in many tourist attractions across the country, which can not be distinguished by manual ticket inspection;

3. Improve the management level: computer network management can quickly count the daily passenger flow, monthly passenger flow, annual passenger flow and corresponding ticket income, so as to provide basis for scientific management; This is impossible for manual ticket checking; The use of e-commerce network is more convenient for the management of travel agencies and other groups.

4. Improve image: the use of electronic ticket inspection system can improve the quality of employees and realize standardized management. It is of great significance to improve the image of scenic spots and venues, improve the management level, and promote the digital construction of scenic spots and the construction of spiritual civilization.