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What is a bar code ticket

The most basic requirement of electronic tickets is that they can be easily read by reading equipment, and another requirement is a certain degree of confidentiality. Bar code has these two characteristics, so it can be used as an electronic ticket.

Bar code is divided into one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code, which can be used as the information carrier of electronic tickets.

Print or print the bar code on the paper ticket, and then cooperate with other text information (such as ticket name, ticket price, number of people, etc.) to become a bar code ticket.

The bar code on the ticket can be printed by the bar code printer, and the information can be interpreted by the bar code reader. The computer system can check the relevant information in the database through the bar code number to judge the legitimacy of the ticket.

Due to the low cost, flexible layout design, rich colors and visual ticket information, bar code tickets are very suitable for large passenger flow and one-time use