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Which is the better way to print tickets with barcode or activate ticket selling with barcode

Bar code printing means that when selling tickets, tickets are printed on the spot through a bar code printer. In addition to printing bar codes, tickets also print text information such as ticket name, ticket price, number of people, date and validity period;

Barcode activated ticketing means that the information such as barcode and price has been printed on the ticket. When selling the ticket, the barcode number is read through the barcode reader and marked by software to indicate that the ticket has been sold. This method is called barcode activated ticketing.

In terms of information flow, bar code printing and activating ticket sales are two completely opposite processes: printing tickets is the output of ticket information generated by the computer system to the tickets, and activating ticket sales is the input of ticket information to the computer system. From the perspective of ticket security, it is obviously safer to print tickets.

From the perspective of ticket preparation, it is necessary to prepare tickets with different ticket prices under the activated ticket selling mode. The number of tickets needs to be prepared according to the number of ticket prices, which is exactly the same as that under the manual ticket selling mode, which brings a lot of workload to the ticket preparation of scenic spots, venues and cinemas; When printing tickets, you only need to prepare a "blank ticket", which can generate a variety of tickets, which is very convenient. When ticket sales are activated, the ticket price is printed on the ticket. Once the ticket price is adjusted, it is necessary to reprint the ticket. All the prepared tickets will be wasted and very inconvenient; Printing tickets does not have this problem, just need software settings.

In short, bar code printing is widely used in transportation fields such as cars, trains, planes and ships, and in ticket systems such as scenic spots, stadiums and theaters. It is a very suitable ticket selling method a