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What are the faults of three roller brake and how to solve them

1. After swiping the card, you can turn several circles continuously without getting stuck. As the saying goes, spanking;

2. After swiping the card, it cannot be pushed, and it seems that it does not unlock;

3. After swiping the card, it doesn't rotate smoothly. It seems that you can hear noise;

4. When the card is not swiped, the clamping position of the rod is inaccurate and out of position;

5. After swiping the card, the indicator light turns on, but the push rod does not move;


Treatment method: check the power supply or fuse; Adjust the strength of the damper; Adjust the four base angle screws of the electromagnet to reduce the attraction clearance of the electromagnet; Check the control board;; Check whether the electromagnet screw is loose or broken; Check the three roller gate drive plate. At this time, short circuit the input end of the drive plate (1 gate opening or 2 gate opening input). If the solenoid valve or green light responds, it is normal. 1. Check whether the power-off rod falling electromagnet engages the iron block; Whether the electromagnet of the power-off rod is supplied with DC12V power supply; Check whether the electromagnetic device of the power-off rod is pushed against the spring plate in the rotary table. If so, move the whole device up so that there is no contact between the two.