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How to install the wing brake channel

Wiring description of gate board:

First set the controlled gate type (three types of wing gate, swing gate and split swing gate), and connect the person to the gate, whether it is the main board or the slave board. The proximity switch on the left is connected to the left in place, the middle is connected to the zero position, and the right is connected to the right in place (Note: there are only two arrival positions for the wing gate, the zero position and the left in place, and the right in place are not used), the infrared on the left is connected to the left infrared, and the connecting clip in the middle, The one on the right is connected to the right infrared. Connect the motor line casually. Turn on the power to see which side of the motor turns wrong, and turn the motor line on which side.

Parameter setting description of gate board:

After the control board is powered on, the LCD screen displays the default state. The default state displays the "working mode" of the control board at this time (swing gate, opposite swing gate and wing gate), as well as the number of passes at the entrance and exit.

There are 5 operation keys on the control board, "menu", "up", "down", "OK" and "Cancel".

Menu operation:

Press the "menu" key to enter the password input interface. The default password is up and down. Enter the 6-digit password and press "OK" to enter the menu. After entering the menu, press "up" and "down" to select a function menu, and then press "OK" to enter the function or value change interface, and press the plus or minus keys to select or adjust to the corresponding value.

For example: to change the gate working mode: enter the menu, select "gate working mode" in the menu - press "OK" (display the current working mode) - then press "OK" to enter the value modification interface - press "up" or "down" to select - press "OK" to modify successfully - press "Cancel" to exit after setting (without pressing the cancel key, The system will exit automatically after 15 seconds).

System menu Description:

"Entrance and exit direction configuration":

Set whether the left side of the gate is the entrance or exit; Is the entrance or exit on the right.

"Access configuration":

Set whether passage is allowed on both sides of the gate (entrance and exit).

"Gate operating mode"

Set the switching mode, infrared switching or card switching.

"Entrance and exit memory function configuration"

Whether there is memory function when opening or closing the entrance and exit is generally used to remember the card swiping of others when one person has not passed the card swiping“ "Forbidden" means that after the first card reader passes, the second card reader can be valid“ "Allow" means how many people swipe the card, that is, how many consecutive people are allowed to pass.