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How to maintain the three roller brake in rainy days?

The first thing to do in rainy days is the waterproof maintenance of the three roller gate. How to do well the waterproof maintenance of , 1. Build a rainproof shed, which can better isolate the rain. Or apply sealant around the fixed position of the three roll brake. Prevent rainwater infiltration.

2. External maintenance

Most of the three roller gates are made of domestic su304 stainless steel. The surface is cleaned once a week to remove rust spots. If the surface is sprayed, wipe off the surface dust and make up with paint of the same color.

3. Movement maintenance

The movement is the heart of the machine. It must be well maintained. Generally, it is maintained once a month. Open the upper cover, cut off the power supply, clean the dust on it, clean the transmission part first, and then add butter or high concentration engine oil.

4. For maintenance of the circuit part, check whether there are problems in the electric control part according to the previous use.