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Shenzhen Zhongye channel technology teaches you how to select the gate

How to realize the effective control and management of personnel access? In channel control design, the core equipment usually needs to be selected is the gate that directly communicates with the access controlled. The types of gates that can be selected usually include: half height rotary gate, fast track three roller gate (also known as three roller gate) and full height gate (also known as full height rotary fence gate and rotary gate). How to select the most appropriate gate products within the appropriate budget to achieve the best channel access control effect? As for the selection of gate for traffic control equipment, the following points need to be considered in general:

1. Site service environment of the gate;

2. User requirements;

3. Number of people and flow passing through the gate;

4. Special functions to be realized.

How to select the gate? It is not necessary to choose the most expensive or the best when purchasing the gate. It should be the most suitable product within the appropriate budget. The following is an example of a factory taking the three roller gate as the channel control equipment. The three roller gate shall be selected according to the following conditions. Explain how to select the gate product. The specific environment of the gate is listed below.

The gate is installed at the gate of the factory. There are 3000 people in the factory, 1000 people per shift, and all buses arrive within 10 minutes

1. Consider the speed of use. To prevent long-time waiting during commuting, 1000 people per shift. 100 person times per minute; All pass within 10 minutes.

The traffic speed of three roller gate is 15-25 people / min. Calculated according to 20 people / min; The specific actual time depends on the usage habits and the response time of the access control system. Ensure that there is no conflict between incoming and outgoing personnel during shift handover. At least 5 three roll gates are required, and the use frequency of three roll gates is close to 100% during commuting.

2. Consider the service frequency of the gate. The gate of scenic spots will be used at all times of the day. The difference in the frequency of gate use between factories and scenic spots; Factory gates are used most frequently during commuting. The frequency of use will be close to 100% during rush hours. If five three roller gates are used. If a machine with 100% frequency is used. However, if 40% frequency equipment is used, five equipment can meet the requirements. More than 13 sets are required; Play an appropriate role. The right product is used in the right place. Reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and renewal in the future.

3. Consider the service life of the gate. It is assumed that 5 devices are used. Each machine works 1200 times a day, and each person goes in and out once a day. About 400000 times a year; Select equipment with a service life of less than 1 million times. If major parts fail in a large area in less than one year, the overall service life is 2-3 years. Replacement required; Select equipment with fault free working frequency of 3-5 million times. The overall service life is more than 10 years; The main components can work without failure for 5-10 years.

4. Considering the beauty of the gate, the semi exposed angel is used in the sea city, and the three roller gate with ordinary shell data and spray painting and plastic spraying is used carefully. Imported or higher grade is better; At least AISI304 stainless steel. Thickness of internal anti-corrosion treatment data. Water chestnut treatment. Wire drawing treatment.

There is a large flow of people. If the requirements cannot be met, the space of three roll brake is not enough. Fast track products can be considered. Compared with the three roller gate, the fast track has the characteristics of more beautiful, higher speed, safer and more convenient. Although the price is more expensive, there are obstacles to wide application because of the price problem. However, in foreign-funded factories with more advanced ideas, the fast track is destined to become a more and more respected product, playing an important role that the three roll gate cannot replace.

Good fast track products in speed. Service life has an absolute advantage in frequency. The pedestrian channel products are incomparable with other products, so it has become the first choice for the access control products of large / super large factories or high-rise office buildings. Even in the rush hour, you can cope with it freely without setting it to the normally open state, which greatly improves the safety and overall efficiency.

When the gate is used in the office building. The following points need to be considered first: how to select the gate? Gate operation of indoor channel.

1. Number of users. Frequency of use, traffic. service life;

2. Low noise;

3. Beautiful appearance;

4. It has emergency evacuation function.

Pedestrian access control equipment in the office building. The appearance is beautiful and elegant. You can consider the combination of fast track and swing door. Fast track swing door is used. Greatly enhance the modern image of the place, and its functions are more comprehensive in practical use. Personnel can go to and from work through the fast track, which can better control the access of personnel in the building. Disabled people or people with large goods can pass through the swing door, making the gate more humanized in use. The swing door can also be used as a VIP channel. When important customers or leaders come to watch, the swing door can be kept open, and personnel can pass through quickly without making customers or leaders pass through the fast channel one by one.

When purchasing half height revolving door, fast track three roller gate, full height door, swing door and other travel channel control equipment. It can make the gate play the greatest utility in the future daily use. I hope to consider the above questions after reading this article. There will be a deeper understanding of how to select the gate.

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