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Campus management system solution

Campus access control system brings great convenience to the management of various places that need to be controlled, such as school gate, dormitory and library. It not only controls the intrusion of illegal personnel, but also records the behavior time of legal personnel, improves the comprehensive management and management efficiency of the school, and provides a safe and convenient working and learning environment for teachers and students. 智慧校园是利用了计算机、虚拟化、、互联网和物联网等技术方式来教师、学生、管理人员和学校资源交互的全...




  • Capture function

    When a student swipes his / her card to leave / enter the school, the system triggers the camera to capture the picture of the student swiping his / her card.

  • SMS / wechat push function

    The student information can be bound with the wechat or mobile phone numbers of up to three parents (supervisors). When the student leaves / enters the school, the parents' wechat can receive the photos that the child has been afraid of when he leaves or enters the school.

  • Blacklist anti sneak back function

    After swiping in and out, the user will be recorded as having entered or left the school. In the state of having entered the school, the user can only swipe the card at the school leaving side, otherwise the system will alarm and recognize the student as a second entry. Through access control, students can have one card for one person to avoid lending.

  • Record management

    Students' access records will be saved in the system, including access time, name, on-site photos and other information. It supports a variety of query conditions, such as query by person name, query by card number, query by access time, etc. It also supports record export function.

  • Time management

    The access control administrator can set the access time of the campus according to the rules and regulations of the school, and can divide the management according to the general category of personnel. For example, teachers can enter and exit 24 hours, and students can only enter and exit from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. after that, swiping the card beyond the time is invalid, and they can enter and leave the campus only after being manually released by the administrator.

  • Real time monitoring

    The security personnel can view the information and photos of the admission personnel in the guard room in real time, and compare whether the cardholder is himself on site.

  • Extended function

    It can be connected with a third-party platform to implement data synchronization.



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