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ESD anti-static test access control management system scheme

In many places with electrostatic protection area (EPA), the testing of electrostatic shoes and wristbands is carried out in the traditional manual login or supervision mode, which is difficult to implement, even full of mistakes, difficult to obtain the trust of customers and management, and also form a great potential loophole in personnel electrostatic grounding; ESD electrostatic detection access control system puts forward direct and effective solutions to these shortcomings, so as to ensur...




  • Automatic identification of radio frequency did card and CIC card

  • The system uses RF technology to access the database personnel information in real time, so as to quickly identify the passing personnel information. If it is not registered in the system, it can also be recognized and prompted.

  • Anti static test

  • The anti-static test instrument can quickly judge whether the tester's electrostatic ring, left foot electrostatic shoes and right foot electrostatic shoes meet the anti-static requirements. Each channel can be accessed in two directions, which greatly improves the utilization rate of equipment. When personnel pass through, the system can automatically identify the access direction.

  • Real time upload of card swiping information

  • The system uploads the information of the personnel swiping the card in and out of the access control site and the resistance value data of the test to the management command center in real time through the TCP / IP network, or automatically sends the test ng data to the mailbox of the management personnel designated by each team through mass mail.

  • Multimedia Kanban joint control and monitoring function

  • A large display screen can be installed on the site of access control test channel to display the information of unqualified personnel and mark it in red for leaders and customers to watch and verify at any time.

  • Illegal card alarm function

  • For personnel without or illegal cards, audible and visual alarms will be sent out immediately when they pass through the gate channel. For example, during the commuting period, illegal personnel and unauthorized personnel mix into the crowd and try to follow in. The access control system can automatically identify and effectively prevent outsiders from entering, so as to truly combine civil air defense with technical defense.



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