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Which is better, wing brake or swing brake?

The principles of wing gate, i.e. wing gate, and swing gate, i.e. swing gate, are basically the same. They are driven by motors and rely on photoelectric detection. The differences are:

1. Traffic speed: the action range of wing gate is small, and the action range of swing gate is large. Therefore, the protection area of wing gate is small and the action is fast; The swing gate has a large protection area and moves slowly.

2. Safety: it is easy to beat or pinch people when the gate is closed. The door leaf of the swing gate comes face-to-face, with a large contact area, and the customer has a prediction, so the beating force is not large; The door leaf of the wing gate is "cut" from both sides of the human body, which is not easy to predict, and the contact area is small and the shear force is large, which is easy to hurt people. Therefore, the safety of wing gate is not as high as that of swing gate.

3. Mechanical strength: the weakness of the strength of the gantry gate lies in the door leaf. The door leaf strength and installation mode of wing gate are better than swing gate.

4. Installation space: the standard width of swing gate is 600mm (size can be modified), and the width of wing gate is 260mm