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Key points of correct use of wing brake

The wing gate is more and more widely used in real life, and gradually moves closer to the life of the public. In the process of correctly using the channel wing gate, the noise and impact problems during transportation can be reduced. The service life of the whole machine can be improved. In order to give better play to the advantages of the wing gate, the following matters must be observed in the process of use:

A: During the use of the wing gate, the cardholder swipes the card outside the yellow line. Do not stand at the infrared alarm of the wing gate to swipe the card. You can enter only when the wing gate is opened to a certain extent and prompted by the indicating arrow. It is best not to stay in it. It is convenient to improve the smoothness of the channel

B: The cardholder shall not fold or alter the card, or put the card and magnetic items together to avoid card failure. If the card is lost, he must contact the management department for re registration in time to avoid information leakage

C: During the passage of the wing gate, do not enter the wing gate machine channel with your tail. Do not force the wing gate to open, so as not to hurt people. The front personnel have passed the middle point, and the back personnel can swipe the card (before using the old wing gate, customers should pay attention, 2012 is a new type, and the old wing gate must be closed in place before swiping the card is effective), If the card swiping is effective, there will be an arrow indication and the gate will be opened at the same time. In this way, you can pass quickly. If the machine has an alarm or voice prompt, don't pass casually. If the machine has a fault, immediately notify the management department for inspection and professional engineers for maintenance

D: The cardholder swipes the card in the sensing area, not too high, so as not to be unable to sense, and do not post the card in the sensing area. The correct card is the right hand card, which is parallel to the sensing area and 20-30mm away from the sensing area. Hearing the sound of "Di" proves that the card has been swiped successfully

E: The wing brake also needs regular maintenance. Do not think it is omnipotent. Regularly check the internal and external dust of the chassis (refer to the maintenance and treatment methods of swing brake wing brake) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment