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How to select the wing gate?

Compared with other gates, the main advantages of wing gate are: fast traffic speed, beautiful appearance and high strength. When selecting the wing gate, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. Aesthetics: you can only judge by yourself.

2. Safety: the movement characteristics of the wing gate determine that its safety is relatively the worst, and it is easy to pinch customers. The wing gate generally relies on infrared photoelectric detection of pedestrian flow. The closing action is fast, the contact area is small, and the extrusion pressure is large. If the design is unreasonable, it will pinch and hurt customers. First, accurately detect and judge whether there are people in the door leaf area, and the protection action shall be timely; Second, the door leaf of flexible material shall be adopted, so that it will not hurt badly when people are caught; Third, once the clamping force is large, we must release the pressure on the door leaf. However, the inherent blocking function of the gate cannot be sacrificed for safety. In the closed position, the swing door cannot be broken manually, otherwise the basic requirements of access control will be lost.

3. Reliability: the reliability of the gate is based on the reliability and integration mode of various components of the gate. Selecting good quality components is the basis, such as card reader, controller, display, etc; The integration mode mainly depends on the design and selection of control unit and communication mode. The existence of lightning protection components is also related to the reliability of the equipment.

4. Rotating life: the swing brake rotates and moves continuously driven by the motor. The mechanical life of the equipment is determined by the life of the motor and the life of the reduction mechanism.

5. Material: the gate is used for people's passage. Various external forces act frequently, and the mechanical strength is an important consideration; The gate is a "gateway" for long-term operation and should be beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to select 1.5-2.0mm stainless steel. Stainless steel is divided into various models, preferably 304 stainless steel. The door leaf shall be made of flexible material.

6. Glass material above the barcode reader: the upper part of the barcode reader must be transparent. Plexiglass is low cost and easy to process and install. However, after multiple ticket swiping, the glass will be worn and rough, affecting the reading speed and accuracy of the barcode. Therefore, wear-resistant quartz glass must be used;

7. Ticket inspection speed: for the large flow passage of the gate, the ticket inspection speed is a very important index. The ticket checking speed depends on the gate control mode, communication networking mode, ticket checking processing software and mechanical action speed. Generally, the gate response speed is within 500ms.