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Analysis of anti tailing function of various channel gates

Recently, the phenomenon of tailing in various places is very common, such as the community where Xiaobian lives. When it comes to anti tailing, we have to say the anti tailing effect of the channel gate, especially the mutual cooperation between the security personnel and the channel gate. For example, where the small staff office works, the three roll gate solves the access of authorized personnel, and the security personnel are responsible for supervision and visit registration, so as to effectively solve the occurrence of tailing events.

However, not all users are suitable for three roller gates. Therefore, here, the anti tailing function of several types of pedestrian channel gates widely used in the market is described.

First type: Wing brake

The anti tailing ability of wing brake is poor, which is mostly used in high-end places, and there is no lack of users with facade concept. The anti tailing function of the wing brake is slightly insufficient. If two people pass closely, the wing brake system is determined to pass by one person. Therefore, the user of the anti tailing function should use the wing brake with caution.

Second: swing gate

The swing gate has poor anti tailing ability and is widely used. It can be used in any place with the customization of style. The swing gate is also unsatisfactory in anti tailing. Due to the slow speed and slow response of the swing rod, the follower can pass through the swing gate channel before closing the gate. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the swing gate as an anti tailing channel gate.

The third type: three roller brake

The anti tailing effect of the three roller gate is general and the traffic efficiency is medium. The space between the rotating poles is limited. Although it does not support multiple people to pass, two people can pass next to each other. If there are no security personnel, the phenomenon of tailing can not be eliminated.

The fourth type: full height rotary gate

The full height rotary gate is also known as the anti submarine channel gate. The full height rotary gate is designed to reflect the anti tailing function, and the security level is also the highest. The full height rotary gate is a box design, which adopts stainless steel to effectively solve the loophole in the management of the three stick brake channel (the problem of rod tripping people). Therefore, it can be said that the full height rotary gate is another upgraded version of the three roll brake. The turnstile of the full height turnstile rotates 60 degrees or 45 degrees and reverses the structure (brushing one card for one person can realize the real gate anti tailing). The disadvantage is that the traffic efficiency is low.