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Electronic ticketing system solution

Electronic ticketing system solution with the development of the times, scenic spot management needs a complete set of integrated ticketing management software, covering on-site, online, mobile terminal, self-service machine and other terminals, so as to bring advanced experience to tourists. Realize multi-channel ticket purchase: such as on-site ticket purchase, online ticket purchase, mobile phone ticket purchase, self-service machine ticket purchase (ticket Collection); The electronic ticketi...




  • Realize multi-channel ticket purchase

    Such as on-site ticket purchase, online ticket purchase, mobile ticket purchase and self-service ticket purchase (ticket Collection); Multi channel payment: cash, bank card, Internet banking, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, etc.

  • Multiple entry media

    Can brush paper tickets, ID cards, face, mobile phone QR codes, etc;

  • Quick entry selection

    Tourists who book tickets online or by mobile phone can enter the park directly by swiping the gate with their ID card or mobile phone QR code without queuing for tickets or taking tickets.

  • Unified finance

    One system can see the financial data of online, offline and distributors.

  • Flexible setting

    The system supports user-defined setting of various operation parameters.

  • Safe and stable

    The electronic ticketing system must have good stability and security considerations to ensure the security of data and finance. Strict authority allocation mechanism and confidentiality mechanism to avoid losses caused by future vulnerabilities.

  • Beautiful and practical

    Hardware equipment such as ticket gate and exit counting gate are the facade of the scenic spot. At the same time, the scenic spot is also a place with large traffic. The speed and reliability of ticket gate are also key factors. When selecting the gate in the scenic spot, both beauty and quality should be taken into account.



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