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Solution of face recognition gate access control system

The human ID card integration system solution is a "human ID card integration" system solution based on the independent core visible face recognition algorithm (deep image + V2.0) technology and combined with ID card recognition technology to conduct two-way information comparison and identify whether the holder and certificate are the same identity. Such a verification process can help the verifier complete the automatic and fast certificate verification process, Its purpose is to pre...




  • One to one person certificate comparison

    One to one face certificate comparison to verify whether it is the correct identity of the holder, and record each verification process as the basis for review;

  • Professional verification means

    Automatically identify the identity consistency between the certificate and the holder without human intervention, and give the verification results;

  • Speed up verification and prevent cheating

    Put an end to forging information and identity, and complete the verification process once in a few seconds;

  • No template registration required

    The information and photos in the second generation ID card are directly used as templates to extract features for on-site real person feature comparison;

  • Automatic identity verification

    Automatically return the results, including face ID, comparison score, time and photos. You can review, export or print the log at any time for later review and verification;

  • Rich interfaces

    It directly has its own external interface and provides detailed demo sample code to facilitate secondary development docking.



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