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Solution of site real name system

The site supervision and management system is a well-designed and manufactured site safety management system based on years of technical channel access research and demand analysis, RFID card identification technology, video capture technology, alarm technology, computer network software technology, channel gate technology. The system meets the security requirements of safety production. It is an integrated system integrating channel management system, monitoring and photographing, alarm functio...




  • LED screen display management

    When the card holder swims and goes in and out, all the information of the employee's name, Department, work type, ID number and so on are displayed on the LED big screen, so that the doorman can see the card and whether the person is consistent.

  • D real time monitoring and photographing function

    When the cardholder swipes in and out, the camera is activated and the cardholder's head is photographed at the same time.

  • On site population statistics function

    The system counts the number of people in the field and the attendance of a team and displays it on the LED screen.

  • Personnel identification function

    Only the personnel holding the card issued by the management office in their real name can enter and leave the construction site. The invalid card will be swiped and the gate will not be opened.

  • Anti submarine return function, multi door mutual anti submarine

    Prevent more than one person from using one card. One card can only be used by one person. If employees give the card (e.g. throw it out of the fence) to others to enter again, the system will automatically give an alarm and prompt, and multiple doors can be used for anti submarine.

  • Time limit management function

    Limit the number of cards in and out. The range can be daily, monthly or annually.

  • Remote door opening function

    The gate opening can be controlled at the computer end.

  • Record query function

    All card swiping information will be recorded, such as time, name, entry or exit, and can be queried at any time.

  • Detailed report function

    All card swiping data can generate detailed reports on demand.

  • It can query the attendance records and attendance statistical analysis reports of the current day, the current month or any specified period in real time every day, and can output and print them.

  • One click backup and restore of data

    After the management computer fails or needs to redo the system, the system data can be easily recovered without worrying about data loss and causing trouble to the work.

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